I am a personal brand strategy consultant for the leader of industry in the arts, business or education, designing your ABEIFY Celebrity Strategy to reach important personal milestones and professional objectives.

Like many people, I have long been fascinated by the celebrity process. How does someone become well known? How do they maintain their fame? And so on.

Therefore when I accidentally fell into a career path that brought me face to face in person with many famous people, it began an immersive learning experience.

And many years later, in February, 2024, I formed ABEIFY personal brand strategy consulting.

Are you an ABEIFY?

A leader of industry who is an ABEIFY is the ultimate problem solver and visionary who gets their power through their thinking process that involves wearing various hats that correspond with the acronym ABEIFY, each letter representing a different aspect: A is for their Artistic hat feeding their creativity, B is for their Businessperson hat when they implement their celebrity strategy, E is for their Educator hat teaching themselves and empowering others, I is for their Innovator hat for out of the box brainstorming, F is for their Facilitator hat for them taking action, and Y is for their Yourself hat, because only you are you.

Business brand is you.

Over the years I have produced, written, directed, acted in and even written songs for projects that I call celebrity collaborations. This occurred in mediums including Super 8, video and theater workshop readings, with a succession of 9 different celebrity actors and musicians over time.

Additionally, I have worked with several well known people in the movie industry, so I understand and have insight into the job of being a celebrity, including the importance of maintaining relevance and having a celebrity strategy.

Moving from a small California town of about 100 people, I got my start back in the early 80’s, working for three years as the assistant to a world renowned educator who was running an apprentice program at a Hollywood movie studio, and who later became best known as the father of a famous actor.

I changed coasts to Manhattan, NYC in 1988 and have been based in the Big Apple ever since. I have done consulting and/or digital services for New York leaders in the arts, business and education including Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Dramatics NYC, the New York Public Library, and the NYC Department of Education.

I have an M.A. in Arts Administration received in 2018 from a CUNY, and a B.A. in Media obtained in 2014 from a SUNY.

I have done work in the following industries.

It is my unique, rare and specialized knowledge and experience that enables me as a personal brand strategy consultant to be able to help you if you are an ABEIFY, regardless of your industry, sector, or field, to achieve your personal milestones and professional objectives.